• Less maintenance

• Lower long term investment

• Superior design

Easy and cost-effective to install

• More maintenance

Higher long term expense

• Inferior design

• Difficult and costly to install

GarageReady Cabinet

No exposed wood for water

and moisture to penetrate.

Other Cabinet

Exposed edges absorb

water and moisture.

GarageReady Cabinet

Interlocking dowel construction

provides structural integrity.

Other Cabinet

Screws prone to tear out of

weak particleboard.

GarageReady Cabinet

Strong one-piece “Metabox”® Unibody

slides and steel drawer rides with full

5/8” drawer bottom.

Other Cabinet

Weak narrow slides attached

to particle board with screws-

Prone to pull out thin 1/8” bottoms.

GarageReady Cabinet

Rustproof feet keep base cabinetry

clear of water & moisture on the floor.

Other Cabinet

Structurally deteriorates with

floor and water moisture.

GarageReady Cabinet

Hinges attached to doors

w/ nylon inserts.

Other Cabinet

Screws without inserts

will tear out under stress.

GarageReady Cabinet

Cabinetry is hung from steel

clips- Mounted on ¾” thick structural

Integra back panels.

Other Cabinet

Zero structural support with

paper thin backing.

GarageReady Cabinet

Heavy Duty ¾” shelves are notched

for steel pins to sink into the shelf-

So the drawer cannot slide forward .

Other Cabinet

Shelves can slide off –

Weak plastic clips will break.

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